Dr. Karlin and his staff provide the highest quality orthodontic care for their patients, and they can provide the same level of care for you. It is important to choose an orthodontic practice where you feel comfortable trusting your smile to. Here are a few reasons why Dr. Karlin's office is your best choice for orthodontic care:

  • We will provide you with personalized care every time you come in for an appointment. Unlike other practices, Dr. Karlin does all of his own consultations and treatment conferences personally, without delegating them to a staff member.
  • With one doctor, you will receive consistent, quality care without conflicting techniques and treatment philosophies. Dr. Karlin will always be the one treating you at your visit.
  • Unlike most orthodontic practices that remove orthodontic adhesive with a high-speed drill that's  painful and damages the tooth surfaces, Dr. Karlin uses a gentle low speed, four-step tooth polishing procedure when your braces are removed, leaving you with smooth, shiny enamel.
  • Dr. Karlin and his staff know each patient by name and make it a point to create relationships with them and their families. Parents are always invited into the treatment areas in order to monitor their children's progress, ask questions, or just say hello!
  • You have a busy schedule, and Dr. Karlin and his staff want to make your orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible. You can make appointments during the day, in the evenings, and even on Saturdays!
  • Both locations share space with a pediatric dentist, which makes coordination of treatment easier. Any oral hygiene concerns are therefore addressed in a timely manner, gum inflammation and white marks on the teeth during and after treatment are reduced, and any cavities are discovered and treated immediately.
  • As chief of orthodontics at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Dr. Karlin has extensive experience treating the most difficult problems, including ones that require surgical orthodontic approaches, and he frequently works with Manhattan surgical teams to achieve the best results for complicated cases.
  • Dr. Karlin is very conservative when it comes to recommending Phase One, or early treatment, for children under ten years of age. If you have a child in that age range and have been told that some form of orthodontic intervention is necessary, then you need to see Dr. Karlin for a second opinion! Your child may not even need treatment at this time!