“Dr. Karlin is a wonderful orthodontist. He relates well to the kids and knows what he is doing. He did an amazing job with my daughter's teeth. I would not go anywhere else for my son. The staff at the office is also excellent. They seem like a family and make you feel a part of it.” – Aaron G.

“Dr. K and his staff are like a second family to us. I had braces, my older daughter had braces and now my youngest is about to join the ranks of having a perfect smile. Dr. K is very thorough and knowledgeable and practices the latest methods of orthodontics. We are very excited to be back in the office, not only for braces but also for the "corny" jokes and ultimately to get another perfect smile.” – Anonymous

“Our child had a special issue where her baby teeth did not come out and her permanent teeth were facing sideways. Another orthodontist had told us to wait, but thanks to Dr. Karlin, the baby teeth were pulled and the braces went on. They made room for the teeth to actually turn and come down on their own, thus avoiding a surgical intervention. Dr. Karlin and his staff have always been fun and professional all at the same time. My daughter never complains about going and I don't either because there is never a wait. Have recommended to family and friends.” – Anonymous

“If you want a beautiful smile Dr. Karlin is the man to see.” – Angelique

“Dr. Karlin and his staff are very friendly. They offer professional services but they also keep in mind that most their clients are young adults and children. Dr. Karlin keeps everything at a level they can understand and loves to entertain them. The staff helps the kids feel calm and comfortable with all the services. We would definitely recommend this office to everyone.” – Aaron H.

“Friendly staff, pleasant doctor, clean place.” – Christian

“This office not only offers you professional expert service, but also kind, funny, and patient professionals! Both my children have received fabulous care from Dr. Karlin and his outstanding staff. I sincerely recommend this office!” – Julia

“I am not the straightforward patient who needs braces only to straighten my teeth. I began my treatment with Dr. Karlin in preparation for orthognathic surgery. The surgery was successful ONLY in combination with my orthodontic treatment to bring my mouth into occlusion. Dr. Karlin has gone above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome. I would recommend Dr. Karlin if you are looking for an honest, dedicated orthodontist who is going to see your treatment through to the end.” – Claudia

“You are such a good orthodontist! You always know what your doing and my teeth are moving along so fast. You also are really funny and I look forward to seeing you each time because that means I'm closer and closer to having perfect teeth. Thanks for everything!” – Anonymous

“Taking the children to the orthodontist would seem like a chore, but with the exceptional and friendly staff at Dr. Karlin's office it is a pleasant experience. His staff works together as a team to make every appointment seamless. No long waiting room wait and they pay attention to the details. The communication skills for helping you maintain appointments really helps us busy parents. Dr. Karlin makes certain that in the end, your child has a perfect smile.” – Haley

“Dr. Karlin and his staff treat us like family! I wouldn't choose any other ortho!” – Debra P.

“Probably the best dentist either my daughter or I have visited. Excellent staff and service” – Waverly B.

“The staff is friendly and the office is awesome. They treat you really nice and make sure you're comfortable with everything.” – Justin G.

“Dr. Karlin and staff are the best team to take care of your bite and smile.” – Anonymous

“I love having Dr. Karlin treat my daughter. I trust his evaluation and follow up. He is also very funny and really gets my both my children to relax. Her first phase of braces changed the shape of her teeth — she had a large hole from sucking her thumb. The helpful nurses there gave me lots of ideas to get her to stop sucking her thumb before the braces and it worked! (We had her wear her father's long socks to sleep!) I have been more than satisfied with our experience there.” – Shayna G.

“It's always an awesome experience at Dr. Karlin's office. The staff is friendly and outstanding.” – Meenu M.

"I am 66 years old, and I never feel awkward about being seen in this office. The office is run professionally and has a design which does not necessitate waiting alone in an office for the doctor to arrive. All staff relate in a friendly, personal manner, and I am always treated promptly. Dr Karlin is exceptionally competent, and he also has a great sense of humor.” – Susan S.

“Always a pleasant experience when dealing with the East Brunswick office - even for appointment changes. Thanks for making the entire process easier.” – Christopher

“Having orthodontic treatment done on my nine year old, and every visit so far has been easy, fast, friendly and just a breeze. I wish it were this easy to feed him at home.” – Arnay C.

“As soon as you enter Dr. Karlin's office you are welcomed by the friendly staff. My son Christopher can't wait for his next appointment, and was upset when he had to wait six weeks to come again! Dr. Karlin has a super, friendly personality and my son's fear and anxiety are gone” – Aggie S.

“I am extremely pleased with the result of my teeth. Dr. Karlin did a phenomenal job at fixing my teeth and giving me an accurate time frame for the removal of my braces. The staff is nice and I would recommend this office to anyone who is searching for a good orthodontist.” – Elizabeth

“We have only great things to say about Dr. Karlin and his staff. Every time we go we are seen right away, everyone is happy and pleasant to work with and when we have had any problems we are seen right away and taken care of.” – Shannon G.

“Excellent service; short/no waiting at appointments; very satisfied with the orthodontic results; friendly doctor and staff who are good and patient with kids.” – Martin

“Great service. I was well informed about what was going on and exactly how long it would take. I was treated well, all the employees were very friendly and professional and helped to make all my visits good ones.” – Kathleen

“Always friendly and efficient. Love the staff.” – Anonymous

“My seven-year-old son was very nervous to go see the orthodontist — his teeth are very bad. Dr. Karlin sat down with us and spoke to him, showing him a slideshow, the molds, and explained all the cool perks like being able to get different color rubber bands, etc. The entire office made him laugh and made him very very comfortable. Very, very child friendly” – Anonymous

“I am more than satisfied with Dr. Karlin and his friendly staff. I never waited more than a minute or two. His knowledge and expertise have made my daughter's smile spectacular. Her twin brother is scheduled for next week!” – Antonio G.

“Going to Dr. Karlin's office and having work done by him is a great experience. The staff is pleasant, courteous and professional. Dr. Karlin in a great orthodontist and has a wonderful personality. I would highly recommend him.” – Michael

“I think Dr. Karlin and his staff are great. The only way he could make me happier is if I get my braces off REALLY soon! :)” – Shannon

“The staff is very friendly and helpful. You never wait long to be seen for your appointment and Dr. Karlin is very experienced at orthodontics while making you feel at ease. I was involved with the Invisalign program and my teeth look fantastic!” – Kathryn O.

“Thank you Dr. Karlin and staff for the care, compassion and professionalism you show my daughter at each appointment. It is very rare that I find a doctor to whom I trust my family. I will recommend you and your staff to family and friends with no hesitation. Thank you!” – Cassidy

“We couldn't be happier with Dr. Karlin and his terrific staff. The results of his expertise are wonderful. He explained every aspect of the treatment and it went perfectly. His staff is always cheerful and helpful with everything from insurance questions to accommodating the ever-changing schedule of a teenager. They are great and always a pleasure to deal with. We always recommend Dr. Karlin with a BIG SMILE.” – Gregory N.